Helping Our Homeless Communities, One Yoga Mat at a Time

Making Mats Matter turns your old yoga mat into a sleeping mat for someone who is homeless. We also use your monetary donations to deliver "Love Packs" to homeless people in New York and New Jersey. Each love pack contains essential supplies like hygiene and toiletry products, socks, a waterproof thermal blanket, drinking water, some canned food, a raincoat, and waterproof booties, as well as a sleeping mat made from a recycled yoga mat. (Click here to see our Love Packs.)
We hand-deliver everything ourselves to those in need. We welcome volunteers and donations.
Please take a moment to donate as little as $2 or send us your old yoga mat and help make someone's life a little better. We are currently in the process of being granted 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.


Making Mats Matter is a New Jersey-based nonprofit corporation in the process of being awarded 501(c)(3) status. No one, including our founder, any existing and future board members, any volunteers, or other members, will ever make any money, or benefit financially in any way, from our work. Our mission is to use 100% of donated funds and products to directly benefit the homeless communities of New York and New Jersey (and eventually other locations).