Our mission is to turn unwanted yoga mats into sleeping mats that can be used by homeless people in New York City and New Jersey, and eventually in locations across the United States. Every year, tens of thousands of old yoga mats are discarded and thrown out with the garbage. Not only is this environmentally hazardous, but it's also a huge waste.

Why not donate your old yoga mat and know that it will be used to make someone else's life a little less difficult?

Homeless people seldom find a comfortable resting place to spend the night. Cardboard boxes and old blankets are usually what is used as a makeshift bed to shelter them until morning comes. We use your old yoga mats to make soft and supportive sleeping mats that are both comfortable and portable.


We also accept monetary donations in order to create "Love Packs" for homeless people. These back packs include essential care items like hygiene and toiletry products, socks, a waterproof thermal blanket, drinking water, some canned food, a raincoat, and waterproof booties, as well as a sleeping mat made from a recycled yoga mat.

Everything is personally hand-delivered by us to homeless people in New York and New Jersey. We ensure that 100% of all goods and funds received go directly towards benefiting our homeless populations. We are currently in the process of being awarded 501(c)(3) status. No one, including our founder, any existing and future board members, any volunteers, or other members, will ever make any money, or benefit financially in any way, from our work.  



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Making Mats Matter was started in 2016, by New Jersey resident Jen Atkinson.
Jen, a certified yoga teacher, saw how often perfectly good yoga mats were discarded and replaced, and thought that there must be a better use for them. She had the idea to help New York and New Jersey's homeless population by turning them into sleeping mats, to shield them from the cold hard ground.

Jen started Making Mats Matter on her own, and does most of the collection and distribution on her own, so your support is greatly appreciated. As Making Mats Matter gains 501(C)(3) status in future, we will expand to include more volunteers, as well as board members. If you'd like to help out, or get involved, please reach out to Jen directly by using the contact form on this website.
Thank you for stopping by our website and for sparing a thought for those less fortunate.